You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Information + Knowledge = Savings

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Connect Fleetdata generates savings for the transport sector by making sense of all fleet information including the Diesel Rebate Scheme.

Connect Fleetdata merges and analyses fuel, telematics, fuelcards, tolls, carbon emissions  and more, presenting the reports on to  one platform, on time each month.

Our mission is to save money and time for fleet operators by providing world-leading fleet data analytics, with easy-to-use metrics and visualisations,  leading to efficiencies and cost reductions, ensuring that you are always on top of your business.

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Making sense of fleet information

Diesel Rebate Scheme (DRS) Claim Service

Did you know that you can claim a 7.5 cent per-litre diesel rebate back from Revenue?
If you are a licenced haulier and/or bus operator, we can make the DRS claim on your behalf. Here’s how:
As a Revenue approved Agent, Connect Fleetdata will prepare the information required and submit the claim within the specified time period through ROS.
We will:
1. Collate all diesel purchases from bulk diesel tanks and fuelcard providers
2. Present the purchase information in one report – as required by Revenue
3. With our report, complete your claim through your Revenue Online Service (ROS)

Generate savings with an in-depth understanding of the total cost of vehicle ownership.

Fleet managers know that huge savings are available if they analyse their fleet data. However, this can be complex and time consuming, especially when dealing with multiple providers across different countries.

As a result, this slips down the priority list, and only resurfaces when unauthorised purchases are detected.

By searching, exploring and connecting all your current data you will find relationships and valuable insights that enables actional decision making – which will deliver savings across your fleet.

Accurate key fleet performance reports available on time.

Experienced staff are a scarce and expensive resource. Time pressures and staff shortages mean businesses are not always able to merge and accurately build reports from different providers on vehicle spend and performance.

Potential cost savings are delayed or lost as KPIs are not monitored and savings opportunities missed. Improve your decision-making process by outsourcing fleet reporting. With customised reports, metrics, graphs and dashboards available on time, all the time.

Just log in, view, review and download. Easy.

Merge and analyse data from the major fleet providers across all geographic areas.

All fleet departments have information on spend and performance which is available from their providers via a website or in Excel format. Typically, each dataset is saved in a different folder that requires manual intervention to merge, create and extract basic Excel reports.

Connect Fleetdata will automate this process, merging and analysing data from all major providers including CircleK, Top Oil, CSC, DKV, AS24, Transics, Bluetree, and many more.

Easily explore, visualise, and drill down into your data. Quickly discover if the data is adding up or not. And when something stands out, just dive in and fix it.

Measure, understand and reduce carbon outputs.

Ireland is on the road to net-zero emissions by 2050 and the transport sector has a major role to play in reducing carbon footprint with pressure to do so coming from customers.

‘You can’t improve what you don’t measure.’

Good fleet data analytics can automatically calculate and report on carbon emissions as part of a suite of monthly reports. Now is the time to start reporting and reducing your carbon footprint, it makes good business sense, as the transport operators that can show they are good corporate citizens are the ones large companies will want to deal with in the future.

Create reports, alerts and actions – deliver savings to the bottom line.

The faster you can respond to unexplained events, the better the chance of limiting the financial exposure. Most fleet analysis is a month in arrears, which can limit the chance to affect a positive outcome when issues are discovered.

By analysing data directly from fleet providers on a weekly or daily basis, you can immediately react to issues with email alerts.

Our Ullage V Fuel Purchased report merges the ullage of vehicle at the time of fuelling (Telematics Data) with the actual fuel decanted into the tank (Fuelcard Data).

If the volume purchased is higher than the ullage, an email is sent and actioned.

Share valuable insights with interactive reports, dashboards, graphs and metrics.

Create reports, graphs and dashboards that are easy to understand and use to support busy fleet departments and senior management.
Every element is interactive. It allows you to explore what is happening by vehicle/driver and enables you to analyse precise data across service providers, products and countries.

All reports can be easily downloaded in Excel or PDF format or you can create your own interactive presentation.

The platform is built for mobility and is easy to view all analysis on any device.

Experience , knowledge and information delivering savings to the bottom line.

With 35 years’ experience and knowledge of the transport fuel sector, I provide independent, trustworthy advice on how to interpret and understand your fuel and fleet costs, leading to savings going straight to your bottom line.

The daily pressures of driver shortages, Brexit, staff resources and remote working means that fleet managers do not have regular oversight of vehicle overheads.

Making sense of all your fleet information will save time and money; that’s what Connect Fleetdata can do for you.